September 11th
September 11th
long distance dreams

i feel you sitting next to me:
your invisible hand
rests softly on my knee,
your translucent lips
are warm against my cheek.
[if only memories as flawless as these
left solidified imprints
for me to relive again and again].
in my sweetest of dreams, your fingertips—
like gentle paintbrushes—
leave strips of maroon wanting on my skin.
your kisses trail down my neck
in a delicious disarray of affection and care,
while your embrace is so close and safe
i swear not even a whisper could find
its way through the space between us:
if only i could make time and distance
bend beneath my will to send you back to me.

September 9th
September 8th humansofnewyork:
"My brother went to college in America, and it was very hard for my parents to send him there. My father worked two jobs. I’d always hear him talking to my mother about money troubles. So when I graduated from high school, I went straight to work, to help pay for my brother’s school. I never resented it, because I knew he was more intelligent than me, and he deserved it. But now he has a great job in Australia, and I wish that I’d gone to college. But you know what? That same brother married into a family with two sisters. He married the older sister. And at the wedding, I met the younger sister, we danced, and now we are married. Her name means ‘angel,’ and she is my angel. And I tell her every day that she’s better than being a millionaire. So my brother got his job. And I got my wife." (Dhana, Jordan)
September 8th
September 8th
September 8th
September 8th "Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance."
— Carl Sandburg

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September 8th
September 7th